Frontend Developer

I love adding new and fresh elements on top of classic designs to create a timeless look and feel.

portrait of Tim Wallace, developer.

About Me


Im a huge fan of cycling! I love all sorts of bikes and think that they are the best way to get around town. I ride even in the winter!


I love cooking and trying new foods. I always strive to make the perfect meal, and learn a lot in kitchen.


Music has been a big part of my life for a long time now. I loved music so much that I went to the University of Toronto and got a degree in jazz performance. My main instrument is the trombone!


Pays To Quit

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A website to help you quit bad habits by emphasizing the monetary cost.

Human Magic

Screenshot of humanmagic's website

This is the main website for a local Toronto band named Human Magic.

News Keywords

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This site tracks the frequency of words used in frontpage news. Also has graphing capabilities.


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