My Setup


My Main computer is my Acer Chromebook from 2017. It's got a touch screen, 2usb ports and an HDMI port. Using 'developer mode' you can enable a linux environment which let's you run any tools you need for developing. I currently use VS code as my main editor and chrome as my main browser. Although it takes a moment for the chromebook to spin up the linux environment, once it's up and running it's surprisingly quick.


I bought a used LG 21" monitor off a local classified ad which I use as my secondary monitor with my chromebook. I've also got a keyboard and mouse off amazon.


My webserver is a rapberry pi 4. So far it's been more than enough for what I've needed it for. It's currently serving 3 live websites. I love the fact that if anything goes wrong, you can simply insert a SD card with new OS and start over.


I'm a huge fan of efficiency. I love getting the most out of the resources you have. I'm constantly impressed by all the things these little machines are able to do.